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Strategic Planning

Creating a living, breathing strategic plan is the cornerstone of decision-making and budgeting in highly effective organizations.  Having the right communication strategies for councils, boards, constituents and staff will significantly improve results.  

Nancy’s experience in leading and implementing strategic planning is not simply theoretical; she has real world organizational experience in getting results through strategic planning.   Beyond facilitating groups who are creating their strategic plan, Nancy will ensure you have all of the components necessary to successfully implement the plan and track its progress.

Meeting Facilitation
Nancy is a highly effective and experienced facilitator of large and small groups for a variety of topics and issues.  She enhances meeting results by bringing an outside perspective and objective approach in working with meeting participants.   Nancy ensures groups get to the point so that solutions can be identified.  

Dynamic Keynotes and Training
Nancy delivers high impact presentations that provide:

  • Insight
  • Humor
  • Real-world Learning and Application
  • Inspiration to Take Action!

A few of her High Impact Presentations include:

“Beyond Words”
Time to Get Real!  Communication is HARD, and leaders know that effective communication is the key to individual and organizational success.  After all, if people do not understand the message or direction, how can they and their team succeed?  Consider that how a message is delivered may be more powerful than what is said.  This interactive presentation prepares participants to align “the how and the what” to enhance results.  And, they will walk away with an action plan to boost their communication factor.

“Own It!”
When a workplace issue arises, what is each person’s role in that issue?  Accountability is about personal leadership, and it applies to all team members, regardless of job title.  Participants will learn what they can do to improve workplace issues, solve problems and enhance their personal leadership results. They will create a personal action plan to address an accountability issue they are facing.

“The Power of Your Actions”
People influence each other all the time, whether they mean to or not!  This interactive presentation will allow participants to gain clarity on aligning the impact of their actions to more effectively influence others.  Understanding powerful influence principles will enhance participants’ abilities to gain commitment from others.  Personal action plans will be created to boost powers of persuasion.

What Others are Saying

“I have attended numerous sessions over the years – Nancy’s practical experience lends significant credibility to her presentations and makes them tops.”
~ Rick Chaffin, Deputy City Manager
City of McKinney, Texas

“Nancy is an especially poised and effective presenter…  I believe that most accounts for the ‘superior’ participant ratings she receives when we are lucky enough to have her present at our events.”
~ Dr. David W. Tees, North Texas CPM Director
Institute of Urban Studies
University of Texas Arlington
Arlington, Texas

“Nancy is able to communicate on multiple levels.  This is key in reaching the masses.”
~ Tony Walker, Regional Director
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)
Fort Worth, Texas

“A must for communication understanding and interpretation.”
~ Ismael Lopez, City Administrator
City of Keene, Texas

“Great info that can easily be applied to everyone’s personal and professional relationships.”
~ Pam Nelson, Community Services Director
City of The Colony, Texas

“Really enjoyed your presentation!”
~ Kelly Cooper, Strategic Services Manager
City of Colleyville, Texas

“Nancy is a thoughtful, knowledgeable presenter who makes you think differently about how to improve organizational communication and culture.”
~ Scott Ballinger, Sr. Project Analyst
City of Garland, Texas

“An excellent presentation for those wanting to improve hearing, and being heard, within their organization.”
~John Noblitt, Community Services Director
City of Gainesville, Texas