Value, Focus, Philosophy

People want to add value to, and be valued by, their organizations.  What we must ask ourselves as leaders is:  what are we doing to ensure that staff have the knowledge, skills, opportunities and training to help them raise the bar?  Leaders in organizations create the environment, and all organizational results are a direct reflection of that environment.  If your results are not what you expected, have you taken a good look at your structure and processes lately?

The Bartlett Alliance is an objective third-party company that can give you an outside perspective on organizational and employee potential to improve performance.   Accountability is critical to success, and it is the responsibility of every employee in an organization.  So, if accountability and personal responsibility are critical factors … how does your organization rate?

click here to read "What's So Hard About It?", Nancy's article on accountability (pdf)

“Michelangelo could have just painted the ceiling, but he opted to paint a picture instead.  That’s how Nancy Bartlett approaches organizational and development needs – she listens to the need behind the need, and thus not only gets the bigger picture, but delivers it.”

~ Maura Gast, Executive Director
Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau